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Qingdao Haida Graphite Co. Ltd.
ADD:Liugezhuang Village, Tianzhuang Town, Pingdu ,Qingdao City,China
Luobei Haida Graphite Co. Ltd.
ADD:Luobei County,Hegang City,Heilongjiang
Qingdao Haida New Energy Material Co., Ltd.
ADD:Xinhe Technology Industrial Base,Pingdu, Qingdao city, China
Qingdao Haida JingRui Graphite Co. Ltd.
ADD:Liugezhuang Village, Tianzhuang Town, Pingdu ,Qingdao City,China  

Luobei Haida

Company:Luobei Haida Graphite Co., Ltd.


Date of Establishment:1998

Geographic Location:Our Company is adjacent to Heilongjiang River in the east, which is the golden waterway in Northeast China with a broad water area and a fixed water level, and Mingshan port, National Class 1 Passenger and Cargo Port in the north, with an annual cargo capacity of 1.5 million tons, and able to dock 5,000t freighters. We can trade with foreigners in Russia and other CIS and Eastern European countries via Mingshan Port and other customers worldwide through Heilongjiang River. We also can connect with customers through Haluo Highway and Hebei Railway.

Scale:Our Company boasts of an area of 80,000 square meters, fixed asset of RMB 40 million and a staff of 300 (about 30 technicians), geological reserves of about 600 million tons (the place is productive and the biggest graphite deposit in Asia, and has been listed into National Large-sized Graphite Key Development Plan). Our products have been available worldwide and we have become the most important graphite production base in China.

Equipment:We have introduced domestically advanced large-sized floatation equipment, drying equipment and dustproof equipment to ensure that our manufacturing technology and product quality can reach customers'demands.

Development:Relying on local rich and high-reserved raw materials, we extend industrial chains, process deeply, enhance additional value of products and strictly control product quality so as to offer more high-quality graphite products to customers.